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Acanthi is a design and documentation firm. We specialize in writing projects, website design and marketing collateral for small businesses, schools and nonprofits. Our hallmarks include simplicity, usability, originality, attention to detail, succinct writing and technical excellence.

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Do you have a writing project that needs a personal touch? Let's talk. Acanthi can tailor your web content, technical materials, journalism projects and marketing materials. Let me help write those brochures and blogs, user manuals and online help. Check out the writing samples.


Tired of canned websites? Would you like original design and content for your site? Acanthi web services include personalized planning, designing, writing, editing, photography, coding, usability testing and delivery. Visit our design examples, then send us an email.


Does your website or brochure need photos, graphics or computer art? Acanthi delivers dynamic design including original photography, PhotoShopped images and Illustrator drawings. See Acanthi photos and examples of layout, logos, branding and brochures.

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